Face Aggression

by Break Away



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released February 10, 2015

Engineered by Kevin Bernsten
Mastered by Brad Boatright with Audioseige.



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Strong Body, Strong Mind
Maintain a body as strong
As strong as your mind.
No limits, strong body, maintain a stronger mind.
Track Name: Right / Wrong
Cross my heart and hope to die,
I’ll step straight down this path.
Constructs of norm, I despise.
All I know is this wrath.

Broken bones and shattered limbs,
And I find myself again.
Trained in havoc to be free.
Right or wrong I only win.

The truth is now.
No more weak style.

You suffer.
Track Name: Hell Block
These days come and go.
My friends and I, always stay.
Won’t do what we’re told.
Wouldn’t have it any other way.
That’s just how it is.
Smash the glass and living free.
We learn from how it’s been.
Take control of all we see.

And it’s all that we have,
And it’s all that we know,
So take a chance on us.
We are the new class.
We are the new breed.
We’ll never rust.
Track Name: Step To Me
Come step to me.

Your words fly with no regard,
Do you even hear what you say?
Built your image to be hard,
But just like always turn away.
No ones ever shown respect
For your snide, stale remarks.
I won’t indulge in this neglect,
I’ve hated you…

Face me like a man
And back up your words.
I know you won’t.
Will you ever stand
Behind the insults that your throw?
They’re yours to own.
You’re just a blight to me,
Just a weakling in the way,
Get out of my face.
It’s so plain to see
You’re nothing.

You’re opinions, don’t even matter.
You’re just an annoyance to me.
Just fall off, it’d be for the better.
I’ve got no time for the weak.
Track Name: The Blame
All for one, stand together.
Fight for the right, or why even bother?
Against each other is no way to be.
Don’t need no schism between you and me.

Are you friend, or enemy?
If you’re one of us why tear down the scene?
Won’t take your shit, won’t play your games.
Not one of us; you’re to blame.
Track Name: New Goals
I see you waiting around for nothing.
Your stagnant life comes at a price.
You waste away like you’ve got the time.
Check the reflection and live right.

New Goals, No Rules.

Face opposition with a trembling hand.
Spring loaded and ready to strike.
Climb mountains and exhibit strength.
Step up and prove your might.
Track Name: Traditions
Now! We’re growing strong.
Won’t ever break.
To the old rules,
We can’t relate.
Built this for years
and we still will.
Break on through, out for the…

Killing time while you kill your mind.
Strength in numbers, strength in heart.

Rage! Fills up our lives.
You’re left to waste
And you’ve got nothing.
You only hate.
You’re in the dust
And even still,
Break on through out for the…

You’ll never get us.
It’s been too long.
Kings of tomorrow.
We stand strong.

We’re standing strong.
Track Name: Regrets Made
Trust me, this won’t be the last time
You hear me speak these words.
Conviction the only thing in my life
That doesn’t hurt.

Hard mind!

Can you look me in the eye,
With no remorse, tell me why,
You can’t keep a promise?
Not to me, but to yourself.
Don’t look to me for help.
I’ve been there for you
Too many times.

No more!

And when you look back at these years,
Will you feel a sense of regret?
For decisions that you made.

Break Away!

Hard times in store.
Hard mind no more.
Track Name: Force
On to the next one.
I won’t accept defeat.
Truth be told I live
To see their end.

It’s something you can’t touch.
It’s something you can’t see.
You take by force or lose
What you seek.

Take by force.

I refuse to be second and I will never go down.
Track Name: Maintain
It was another time when value was so hard to find.
There was no standing truth, just faces of the dark youth.

Now I watch them fall
From grace and pain.
They lost it all.
Couldn’t maintain the course.
They lost sight of the truth and the source


Real aspirations. True to your roots and your relation.
Faced with fear and doubt. You can’t let this strife weed you out.


Maintain the truth.
Maintain the source.
Maintain the vibe.
Maintain the course.