I Watch You Disappear

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released May 20, 2016

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Track Name: I Watch You Disappear
That kid I knew, so long ago I watch him disappear
And looking back, I have to ask
Was he ever really here?
What makes a person whole
When life is so unclear
A question that remains
With every passing year
Will it ever be so simple
Just to tell you who I am
And when you ask I wonder
Will you understand?
Track Name: Lap Dog
Push and you shove, kiss and make up
Keep me on a leash and you call it love
Now I'm done wasting my youth
Defending your name and taking abuse

Never enough
Now I'm done
Playing with my head
You won't be happy til I'm dead
Nothing I did was ever enough
You kick me down and pick me up

Never enough
Now I'm done
The time is now, I'm done

It's time for me to cut and run
Bred to be loyal to a fault
Free from your trap, I won't be caught
Track Name: Dark Spark
I feel it burning, deep within
A power you deem to be sin
The power to change, to ascend
A world of sick and evil men

Outside world, I'm cutting ties
Putting faith in what's inside
Demonize the way I live
Where men will take, the dark will give

I wanna know where you stand
I'm gonna scratch until you bleed
Can't walk the fence around me man
Another fake friend I don't need
Dark Spark

I will be living proof
You can embody your own truth