It Can't Rain Forever

by Ancient Heads





released November 12, 2014



all rights reserved


REACT! Records

Above the Influence.
Against the Grain.

Baltimore, Maryland

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Track Name: It Can't Rain Forever
Hanging on by a thread
Trapped inside my fucking head
Trying to find strength through friendship
Trying to fight the urge to end it
A wave of lies comes crashing down
Treading water so I don’t drown
Burning bridges to the ground
It can’t rain forever
Track Name: I Won't
The bottle in your mouth
A gun to your head
Take another drink
One step closer to death
But who am I
To tell you wrong from right?
When you don’t even think about it

So you can keep your drugs
And you can keep your booze
No way to get ahead
So what’s the use?
Don’t need that shit fucking up my life!
I don’t even think about it

Don’t need that shit –
Keep it away from me!

Don’t want smoke burning in my eyes
Don’t need to drink to have a good time
Don’t need drugs clouding my mind
Won’t let anything hold me behind
No I won’t! No I fucking won’t!
Track Name: My Own Way
In good times
In bad times
I’ll get by
With or without you
What else can I do?

My life
My path
I’ve got no choice
I’ll make my own way
What else can I do?
Track Name: The Choice
I’ve made a choice to do what’s best for me
One fucking life, and I’m living mine for me
No shallow bullshit, this is what I believe
Living in a fucked-up world, I’ve gotta break free

I’ve made a choice and I choose to abstain
From social norms based on dependency
Reject the pressure, don’t care what they say
This feeling in my heart grows stronger every day

My Choice! Won’t Change!
Grows stronger every day
My Choice! Won’t Change!
You can always count on me
Track Name: Who I Am
The X’s on my hands
A promise that I’ve made
A promise to myself
A promise that I’ll never break

Don’t try to tempt me, it’s just a waste of time
Commitment is forever

Straight edge is who I am and who I’ll always be
Seen them come, watched them go — makes no difference to me
Not a fashion, not a trend, not based on popularity
I’ll have X’s on my hands until my dying day
Track Name: Waste of Life
Your lifestyle makes me sick!
It’s a fucking waste man
You’re wasting your life away
What are you looking for?
You could’ve been so much more!
Track Name: Where Were You
How quickly you remember the slogans you once sang
Trading on reputation, hiding behind a name
I know you’re just cashing in and cheapening our scene
You must think I’m stupid but you can’t fool me

If this means more than money then tell me where were you?
You can tell me that your aims are true
I refuse to be used

If it’s about more than money then tell me where were you?
Tell me that it’s more than your selfish pride
I refuse to be used

So what? You filled the room, don’t let it go to your head
Hardcore is here forever, you’re just a fading trend
It’s just a matter of time before the kids get wise
And you’ll go back to talking about how it was just a waste of time