Lights Went Out

by Praise



released March 10, 2014



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Accept
The time, ten years went by
Without a chance to say goodbye
Took so much time, so hard to accept, that you
Were never coming back

I thought that as time pass
Id learn to feel and to express
The days went by and I couldn’t speak
No words, would bring you back

I was scared
I didn’t want to feel
And if I put it into words would it make it real?

Im left to wonder where you would be
If you were here if you were here with me

So if I deal and learn to accept
Will I lose all those memories and just forget?
So if I deal and learn to accept
I don’t want I don’t want to forget
Track Name: Safe Place
Ive tried and failed
And it will happen again
Its hard to find a path
When you know how it will end
In my mind
The grass was greener on the other side
But I couldn’t get there
Until I tried

Afraid to try
Afraid to fail
Afraid to change
But we’re all afraid

For so long
I let it take control
I let self doubt
Grab ahold
How could I?
Could I get away?
From that place I built
Where I felt so safe.

The days I waited
Waited for a change
The weeks I waited
But it never came

The months I waited
Waited for a change
The years I spent waiting
But it never came

Until I tried
Until I failed
Until I changed
Things just stayed the same
Track Name: Lights Went Out
I found it hard
To put my love in you
When all my worst case thoughts
Were the ones that came true
No calls
The lights went out
What once lit my path
Left me full of doubt

So you took
What we gave
And pushed us away

No footsteps followed
Just regrets
So hard to forgive
When we gave our best

So I watched
The mistakes you made
Your little brother
That you pushed away
It filled our hearts
And we watched
You tear this family apart

Resentment built
For so long
Kept waiting each day
For you to prove me wrong
Track Name: To Be Me
Its taken me so much time
For me to find my place
Because I never had the chance
To make my own mistakes

It was so hard
to find out who
I was supposed to be
When all I ever really wanted was to
be ok with being me

But I just hope you know…

I understand what he took out of you
What else could you do?
I saw you just give up
But I still needed your love

I felt the pressure
To be the good son
But I never had the chance to be the bad one
After he left
I was on my own
Until I found myself living
For us both

I still needed your love
After he left
I was on my own
But I am still living for us both
Track Name: Reach Deep
I dealt with the pain the only way I knew how
But I was searching for comfort
But there was no room for me to mourn
How couldn’t you see I was hurt

I was left alone
To find my way back home
I was left alone
To find my way

Who could I blame?
How could I blame you?
How could I ask for your help
When you were suffering too?

So I blamed myself
For the anger I felt
It took me years to reach
Reach deep

I was left alone
To find my way back home

How can I find it?
Reach deep

I never asked for you to save me
Just wanted to know you were there
But the walls we had created
Could the ever be repaired
Track Name: Write It Down
I've had my share
Of facing pain
I watched someone I love
Get taken away
Its just not fair
Why’d they leave so soon
Its hard to think that there’s
Nothing we can do

Its something that we share
And I feel it too
But Ill be with you
To struggle through

So I wrote it down
With hope you’ll relate
So you don’t feel alone
With this pain

So I wrote it down
With hope you’ll relate
When I dont have the
Right things to say

It happens so quick
They go before there time
But you’re still here to see
What was left behind

And when the phone calls stop
And most forget
I’ll be there for you
To deal with it

As we get older
We see the things they’ll miss
Getting married and having kids
It’s hard to think they’ll never meet
Someone so important to me
But with stories we can keep them here
So they can be with us through the years
Track Name: Give Me the Pain
Did I ever feel?
I still fall
Lying to myself that I'm over it all
The same delusions are getting old
Tired of feeling like my life’s on hold
Something we shared?
I need to stop asking myself.
It’s always been nice to hold tight
To something that not have ever been right

Give me the pain
Something to hold onto
I am holding on to memories
I need to let go of you

Wandering or free to roam?
I've still never learned to be alone
It was perfect on the surface
Underneath I was always nervous
Can I take a step forward?
I keep turning back
It’s always been nice to hold fast
to something I should have left
in the past

Give me the pain, give me the pain
Who can we blame when our feelings change
Track Name: Afraid to Ask
The addiction it got the best of you
I was so scared of who you turned into
But I remember when you said
You’d never be "that kid that ends up dead"
That massive weight that held you back
So hard to keep your life in tack
But it took it took a life of its own
Until you lost until you lost control

We could have helped
You know I tried
But you held it
Held it inside
Were you afraid
Of what we would say?
But now its too late
You lost your way

Had no idea of how you felt
But I wanted
Yea I wanted to help
I spoke too soft and didnt get through
I could have done so much for you
Didnt blame you for wanting to escape
Just wish I caught it before it was too late
You were so strong should have saw through the haze
wasnt to late for you change your ways

We could have helped
You know I tried
But you held it
Held it inside
Were you afraid
Of what I would say?
But now its too late
You lost your way

Yea I know deep down you wanted to change
You lost control afraid to ask for help again
felt so alone so far away from home
You should have known... we could have helped
Track Name: Restless Minds
You were looking for a way out
Always looking for some peace
But did the choices that you made
Did they put your mind at ease?

Just like you I was scared to feel
But I didn’t find the answers
In a bottle or a pill

I sing this song
because I loved you man
I know that some of you
Will never understand

You never saw it
Saw that I believed in you
Did you see I shared those demons?
And I was struggling too
To find my way to fight
To find choose
To find way my way to battle
The things that destroyed you

We shared
Yea I shared the pain

But we try
And we try and we try
To find an explanation why
Are we born this way? Can we change?
Its not a choice to feel this pain.
Still searching, still fighting, still hoping
For something to take it all away.
Track Name: Weight
I am learning to
To let go
Of all the things that I could never control
I felt betrayed
I felt regret
It felt like something I would never accept
I let my anger cover up my hurt
And in the end it just made it worse
People change yea they make mistakes
I wont be the one to carry their weight

Tired of being angry
Tired of being hurt
The feeling inside
They just get worse

I tried to forgive
I tried to forget
And each day
I tried to forgive
I tried to forget
And each day

I am moving on
With my life
Refuse to let hate
Consume my time
I looked deep down
To see what it would bring
And deep inside
I found nothing

I wont carry the weight