Locked Out

by Not Afraid





released May 5, 2014



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Track Name: Locked Out
Locked Out

People come and people go
Never saw it coming, didn't realize
Until it happened in front of my own eyes
Separate ways means separate lives

Out of sight bounds to out of mind
And I hope I’m going to be alright
Without you here on my side
Don’t even know what’s going on in your life

People come and people go
Never saw it coming, didn't realize
Until it happened in front of my eyes
Separate ways means separate lives

I wonder if I ever cross your mind from time to time
Something made you turn, lost you along the line
I get it, you’re over it, but feeling you cutting me off
Shutting me out, locking me out, it feels so rough
Track Name: Believe

You said there’s only one direction
Get in line, into perfection
Your twisted views need some reflections
Cause I won’t take it, my own direction

Don’t listen to a word they say

I’ll break away
I won’t listen to a word they say
I’m on my own, doing it my way

Sick people, created a sick world
The only thing they give, black or white
One truth, no wrongs or rights
But I won’t go down without a fight
Until I see the light

Don’t listen to a word they say

Don’t Believe
Don’t believe a word they say, believe in yourself
You have the strength, believe in yourself
Track Name: Recreate

Try to achieve something
Try to succeed
Free myself from this waste
Free myself, Recreate

Try to achieve something, try to succeed
My sight is kind of blurry, must be the air I breathe
Standing still for way too long, a change is what I need
All I hear are the same words, you repeat and repeat

Recreate – Turning it around
Recreate – Need to find other ways
Recreate – Turning it around
Recreate – I’m walking astray

I need to recreate, find other ways
It’s never too late to change within, I can’t be afraid
New things are not wrong, it will help me to stay awake
If I don’t do anything, I’ll always be the same

Track Name: Stepping Stone
Stepping Stone

Who are you to fucking claim this
When you don’t know anything about this
You call our thing and yours in the same breath
But everything you do, we do it better, we’re obsessed

Your words, I’m puzzled
Your style, makes me frown
There are just, too many differences
You and I, not the same

This doesn’t mean a thing to you, merely a stepping stone
we don’t need you here anyways, we’re better off alone

Your words, I’m puzzled
Your style, makes me frown
There are just , too many differences
You and I, not the same

It’s something you’ll never know
Track Name: Survive

So many ways to choose from man
But I fell in love with the unknown
It grabbed me by the throat
It was written in stone
I saw myself in a different light
So much left to figure out
Friendships made and I felt fine
Not afraid to cross that line
Always prepared to have each others back
I try to move forward, but it’s hard to see the traps
Live every second, as it’s your last
My brother and I, our life was a blast
The dice were cast and time moved fast
Sucked into society’s illness, we crashed
Don’t follow the crowd was all I asked
You turned your back to the past, my past, our past
I stumble and I fall, to get back up again
I’d rather give, I’d rather live
You can try, but I’ll survive
Track Name: Elephant Skins
Elephant Skins
(to Wouter Verhaegen, sterkste man van tstad)

The weight of the world, is getting you down
Don’t run, two feet on the ground
Problems, we look them in the eye
Something is growing from the inside
A friend, you need a friend
I’m your friend, you’re my friend
When danger is around I stand by your side
We’re in this together, we’re marching to this sound
This is our fight and you know we’ll win
Brother beside brother
Elephant Skins
Track Name: No More Dreams
No More Dreams
(to Britt, Eowyn and Rhune)

Every day I realize, that perfection doesn't exist
But that look in your eyes, Is the most beautiful gift
I’m sorry but I lose my mind, From time to time
But I always find peace, With you by my side
You give everything you have, That inspires me
You give me the strength, To turn that key
We planted a seed, And get the most beautiful tree
We worked so hard, to swim in this blue sea
No more dreams
I don’t promise you anything
But I’ll do my best, cause you deserve the best
Track Name: Again and Again
Again And Again

Look what you have changed into
Once in bloom now you are far gone
You've been through hell and back
Somewhere in between all went wrong

Lost and worthless that’s how you feel
Your mind is clouded nothing seems real
Let yourself believe
It’s what you need to get by
Cant get my head around it
Can’t figure out why

Never felt as connected to you as I really should
Even though you did whatever you could
I’ll never cut the ropes and let you fall
I’m yours so I’ll carry you through it all

Even though you made me feel out of place
And showed your darkest side in front of my face
I’m yours and I’ll try to wash away, away your pain
I’m yours so I’ll do it again, again and again
Track Name: Reload

So fucking easy to see through
What the fuck are you looking up to
For once try another view
You have to
Try something different, Try something new
Walking the same road, made you fucking old
Reload – You have to
Reload – Do it know
Before you explode
Try to reach the highest goal
No more pressure, You’re in control
Reload your mind, reload your soul
It’s our time, we’re coming through
Reload – Do it
Track Name: Stick Tight
Stick Tight

Don’t look back, don’t be afraid
Today we’ll get there, don’t make mistakes

You cannot – Take away our faith

Try to seduce us, we’re thinking straight
Your daily life is overrated

You cannot – Take away our faith
Getting stronger, everyday

Nothing can stop us now, we’re marching through your fucking town
Nothing can stop us now, that’s the way we act you’re going down

The world is burning, going insane
wasted minds, we need to turn away
Don’t look back, don’t be afraid
Take a stand before it’s too late

You cannot – Take away our faith
Getting stronger everyday

Look at us, our heads up high
Above the crowd, we’ll shout out loud
Stick tight – To your friends
Track Name: Wasting It Away
Wasting It Away

The whole world - keeps on racing
Racing into a red light - everyone keeps chasing
Do you realize - you’re forgetting to live
You’re saving up - but you’re wasting time
you’ll never know what life has on its sleeve
There is so much more out there, WASTING IT AWAY
And your life is going nowhere, WASTING IT AWAY
Don’t you feel the sands of time, WASTING IT AWAY
Time is running out, free your mind, WASTING IT AWAY